Pasar Ubud Street Photography Tour

Tour Duration

One-hour tours at 7:00 am, 8:30 am, and 10:00 am. A custom time can be arranged. 7 am is the best time to see the true spirit of the market. 8:30 is transition time where the market transforms from a traditional pasar to souvenir shops. 10 am is perfect to capture the colourful tourist scene in full swing.

Tour Location

All tours take place at the Ubud traditional market (Pasar Ubud) in the heart of Ubud, Bali. Your guide will send you the meeting location when your booking is confirmed.

Private Groups

All tours are private (meaning no mixed groups). Group size will be from one to four people (4 is the max). Tours are open to photographers of all experience levels who have a passion for street photography.


Price: donation-based. Yes, you read that correctly. How much you donate and to who is up to you :-). See our Donation Partners.

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Bali Street Photography Tours in Ubud


Not your typical tour

The traditional shops and markets (pasars) are the veins of the community. Food, tonics, hardware, and spices are not the only “goods”. In the pasars, the latest news and life updates are done face-to-face in real-time.

I thoroughly enjoy being in the pasar. Almost every village will have one. Even in the most touristy of markets, you will see Bali as if time stood still. But, you must get there early in the morning.

Experience Bali by being a part of it, even if it’s just for a little while.

Explore, learn, and interact

I like to call it ‘pasar-karma‘. Pasar-karma is when you sit down at a food stall (warung) for a kopi Bali, and the jamu vendor offers fresh pisang goreng (fried bananas). Or, when get the biggest toothy grin after asking one of the many banten (offerings) makers what kind of canang they have.

My approach is spontaneous. I go with the flow. I say hi, chat, try some kue Bali (Balinese cake), and take photos along the way. I always give options, hints, and help. But, I don’t prescribe how or what. No prior experience or fancy camera is needed. Learn the rules, then have fun creatively breaking them all.

Share and tell your story

Whether you take random snap shots or are on a photo essay mission you will end up with a priceless story to tell. I can help you with artist statements & pitches, photo selections & sequencing, and the next steps to get your work out there.


There is no fee for these tours. Any donation you wish to give is purely voluntary & deeply appreciated. See our Donation Partners page.

Mission statement for  Bali Street Photographer

To see rather than look.

To create rather than take.

To explore rather than visit.

To connect rather than separate.

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About your guide

Ubud Bali Street Photography Tours with Mark L Chaves photo by Syahravi Dewanda
Ubud Bali Street Photography Tours with Mark L Chaves. Photo by Syahravi Dewanda.
About Mark

Hailing from NE Ohio in the US, Mark is a traveler & visual artist currently in Bali, Indonesia.

Mark loves feeding stray cats & dogs, playing around with a camera, and wishing to be a rock star in his next life. He would be very disappointed if you were in Bali and didn’t meet him for a coffee.

Not all travelers are explorers. It takes a deeper sense of adventure and openness to experience what Bali has to offer beyond the beach and club scene. There is definitely more to Bali than meets the eye.

mark l chaves signature

To whet your appetite, check-out Mark’s Inside Bali photo essay published on

New to street photography? Read What is Street Photography?

Are you ready to rock?

What people are saying about Bali Street Photographer

Mark has great ethics and is a wonderful host, smoothly manoeuvring people through the busy pathways of the Pasar market. Mark spent over 3 1/2 hours from 5am to 8.30 am and he does this to raise awareness and valuable donations for the wellbeing of Ubud’s less fortunate cats and dogs. It’s a great experience […]

Greg Penn, Australia

What a great addition to our trip to have the guidance of a considerate local with us on our first day! We’re grateful for the good fortune of starting our Ubud experience with you. Thanks for your insights and photographs. It’s a big part of our memory.  

Todd, San Diego California


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Christine visiting from San Diego USA - Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud

Jalan Jalan

“Where are you going?” or “Mau kemana?” in Bali is equivalent to “Hey, what’s up?” And, the common local reply is, “Jalan jalan!”.

Canang at Pasar Ubud by Wiwit Ristu - Bali Street Photography tour


Canang sari is a form of banten or offering that is woven deep in the fabric of Balinese culture. If you know what’s behind these offerings, then you know Bali. Learn more about canang and view the full gallery.

Ogoh-ogoh - Bali Street Photographer

Ogoh-Ogoh: Bali’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Ogoh-ogoh are statues up to five metres high, which represent the negative aspects or all living things. They generally take the form of a local demon (some look downright obscene). The Balinese Hindu authorities try their best to ensure the statues are representative of the true spirit of the event, though an occasional Sponge Bob […]

Waiting for scraps ©️ Les Telford with Bali Street Photographer

Tour Photos by Les Telford from the UK

These wonderful images were made during Bali Street Photographer’s Pasar Ubud Tour in June 2018. Les’ photography is the embodiment of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moment. Thanks so much for sharing, Les! All photographs and captions are by Les Telford. Follow Les on Flickr.

Meals (and other things) on Wheels Indonesian Style - Bali Street Photographer

Meals (and other things) on Wheels Indonesian Style

A simple hommage to the people of Indonesia Updated 1 December 2019 This collection is a romantic tribute to the Indonesian people that need to transport things (everything imagineable) from point A to point B. Oh, on two wheels no less. It must be love. Everyday Bali at Pasar Ubud. Full Gallery

Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tour ©️ Artisanal Photo

Tour photos by Adrian of Artisanal Photo

I’m pleased to share Pasar Ubud Tour photos by Adrian of Artisanal Photo. Adrian is relatively new to Bali and street photography. Please enjoy Adrian’s fresh and new perspective of Bali and Pasar Ubud. All photos by Artisanal Photo. See the full high resolution series published on Artisanal Photo. Thanks so much for joing me […]

Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tour ©️ Brian Osborne

Tour Photos by Brian Osborne from South Africa

The Pasar Ubud Photography Tour was delighted to host Brian. Brian is a  talented street photographer originally from South Africa. He’s a true traveler/explorer as demonstrated in the way he naturally blended into unfamiliar surroundings. It was a pleasure to observe Brian’s keen ability to see a photograph before it materialised (with remarkable patience) in […]

Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tour ©️ Studio Gray

Tour Photos by Simon of Studio Gray Australia

Bali Street Photographer Turns 1 Year-Old. Bali Street Photographer officially turned one-year-old on October 2018. What better way to celebrate than with an impromptu tour with Simon and his daughter Aurora from Australia. Both Simon and Aurora navigated through the busy narrow passageways with ease. They seamlessly blended into the bustling chaotic environment as true street […]

Photos of Balinese Ceremonies with a Twist - Bali Street Photographer

Ceremony Photos with a Twist

Not your average Balinese ceremony photographs A collection of images that attempt to show Balinese tradition in a more raw and pure form. These photos are candid and can be surreal. Hopefully I can show you more than the stereotypical images of Bali on social media and travel magazines. All photos © mark l chaves. […]

Bali Street Dog just north of Ubud Bali - Bali Street Photographer

I Love Bali Dogs (Anjing Bali)

A homage of digital and film photographs of Bali’s beloved Bali dog. See the full image gallery here (updated regularly).

Guest Photographer © Sid Kannegnati from India - Bali Street Photographer

Tour Photos by Sid Kannegnati from India

Sid’s story Having been exposed to the film industry since a very young age, I always aspired to become a filmmaker. While cameras were always familiar to me, it was my introduction to Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliot Erwitt’s photography that proved life changing. Their unique perspectives has elevated my street photography and inspired my film […]

Artistic Street Photography - Ubud Bali April 2019 - Bali Street Photographer

Artistic Street Photography

What is Artistic Street Photography? This gallery is dedicated to the more artistic side of street photography. I define artistic street photography to have at least one of these following qualities that dominate the composition. Minimalism Negative space Juxtaposition Surrealism Irony Abstractionism Cinematic ambience (includes moody images) Minimalism One or two main subjects at most […]

Mia and Nick on the Pasar Ubud Bali Street Photographer Tour

Guest Photographer Nick Holt’s Bali Street Photography Gallery

I was honoured to show-off the pasar to guest photographer Nick and his daughter Mia from the UK.  Nick’s photos capture the exquisite colours found at Bali’s traditional markets. Thanks so much for sharing, Nick! All gallery photographs by Nick Holt. Visit Nick’s official website for more stunning photography! Follow Nick and Mia on Instagram […]

Photos by Paul Eveleigh on the Pasar Ubud Tour by Bali Street Photographer

Guest Photographer Paul Eveleigh’s Bali Street Photography Gallery

Fresh set of eyes Walking through the pasar with Paul was like having a fresh set of eyes. I mixed it up a little with the route. We paced ourselves slower than other tours I’ve led on average. We had more time —Paul arrived early! There was less hustle/bustle.. And, this time of year (Bali’s […]

Help Millie to be cancer free and find a forever home - Bali Street Photographer Donations

Donation Partners

Please Help Millie

Millie is one of Bali Street Photographer’s own. On 26 October 2019, Millie went through her fourteenth round of chemo (since may). When we found her on the street, she was diagnosed with the worst case of vaginal cancer the vet’s office has ever seen.

I still can’t fathom this poor thing wandering the streets of Bali (alone & in pain) with one of the largest cases of cancer. Please help us help Millie to be cancer free and find a forever home.

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Because every rescue mission is possible!

We create real change for animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing, education, activation, medical and financial support of solo rescuers.


Mission Paws’ible on Facebook.

Villa Kitty Foundationbali-villa-kitty-green-eyes-1

Caring for the lives of Bali’s cats

The Villa Kitty team works hard to save the lives of Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. In addition to offering them safe and comfortable shelter we provide quality veterinary care and advice, sterilisation programs, responsible cat adoption services, education programs to promote responsible cat ownership, love and rehabilitation.


Villa Kitty on Facebook.

If you find it in your heart to give, let them know in the donation form that Bali Street Photographer sent you.

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