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We help people help their animals!
Bali Jet Set Petz

To-date we have sterilised, vaccinated and assisted over 3,000 animals. Our programme is small but focused on making a specific area better and also setting an example for the rest of the island in the hopes that others follow and implement similar programmes.

We also feed approximately 67 animals per day including the animals currently in our care. In 2017 alone we have rehomed 65 homeless dogs which were dumped in the area.

Donate to Bali Jet Set Petz Sunset Vet bill (PayPal: now.

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Because every rescue mission is possible!

We create real change for animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing, education, activation, medical and financial support of solo rescuers.

Donate to Mission Paw’sible today.

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bali street photographer - mark l chaves

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