Baby Dog – Latest Addition to the I Love Bali Dogs Gallery

Born to be Wild

We call him Baby Dog. Baby Dog is a Bali Street Dog who refuses to be taken in. Meaning he loves his freedom so much that he will probably never be “domesticated”.

We’re Owned by Him 😉

We’ve been watching over him ever since his mother passed last year. We called her Mommy Dog. Baby Dog now lives in our front yard because of a new construction project at his original home. We’re happy he chose to be closer to us. We love him. And, he’s grown fond of us.

See his photo and more images of Bali’s beloved street dogs in the I Love Bali Dogs photo gallery.

Bali dog on Galungan Day May 2018 - Bali Street Photographer
“Mommy Dog” – Bali Street Dog on Galungan Day May 2018.
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By mark l chaves

freelance photographer ∙ writer ∙ web developer

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