New Look for Bali Street Photographer .com!

Break out the Universal Donuts! It’s Party time! was originally launched in July 2017. Gosh how time flies. I’m happy to announce two major design changes that should make finding info on the site easier!

New Grid Layout for the News Blog Page on Bali Street Photographer

1. Grid View for the News/Blog Page

If you viewed the news blog on a large display before this update, you’d have seen one long slab of sequential posts. This page now displays feature images and text snippets in a three column grid. Making it easier to browse multiple teasers at a glance. And, it’s what all the hip kids are doing.

A big shout out to Chris Knowles and his article on WPMU DEV where I learned how to implement the new grid using custom CSS. This grid is exactly what the News page needed like forever.

What to do in Ubud - New Dedicated Page on Bali Street Photographer

2. Dedicated What to do in Ubud Page

Ah, I finally made some time (3-days!) to break-up the original monolithic Favourite Ubud Hangouts post. This is one of the most viewed posts on the site. It needed some up-to-date TLC badly. It still needs some fresh photos. I’m working on it lol.

Each section now has it’s own dedicated page. And, I’m about 50% done giving each hangout its own page too. Keeping up with websites and keeping up with the ever changing Ubud scene will always be (fun) works in progress.

Special thanks to Kathryn Presner at Automattic for motivating me to finally make this change. And, much love to the folks at AudioTheme who make the Ovation theme that powers this site–rock on guys!

Let me know what you think about the changes. Leave me a comment.

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By mark l chaves

freelance photographer ∙ writer ∙ web developer

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