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Tours are no longer offered. We’re keeping the site up as a gallery dedicated to Bali Street Photographers.

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Hailing from NE Ohio in the US, Mark is a traveler & visual artist currently in Bali, Indonesia.

Mark loves feeding stray cats & dogs, playing around with a camera, and wishing to be a rock star in his next life. He would be very disappointed if you were in Bali and didn’t meet him for a coffee.

Ubud Bali Street Photography Tours with Mark L Chaves photo by Syahravi Dewanda
Ubud Bali Street Photography Tours with Mark L Chaves photo by Syahravi Dewanda

Not all travelers are explorers. It takes a deeper sense of adventure and openness to experience what Bali has to offer beyond the beach and club scene. There is definitely more to Bali than meets the eye.

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To whet your appetite, check-out Mark’s Inside Bali photo essay published on Inkifi.com.

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What people are saying about Bali Street Photographer

What a great addition to our trip to have the guidance of a considerate local with us on our first day! We’re grateful for the good fortune of starting our Ubud experience with you. Thanks for your insights and photographs. It’s a big part of our memory.  

Todd, San Diego California

Mark has great ethics and is a wonderful host, smoothly manoeuvring people through the busy pathways of the Pasar market. Mark spent over 3 1/2 hours from 5am to 8.30 am and he does this to raise awareness and valuable donations for the wellbeing of Ubud’s less fortunate cats and dogs. It’s a great experience […]

Greg Penn, Australia


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