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My very first pet as an adult (on my own) was an adopted barn cat from Norfolk, England. Her name was Ally. Named after Ally Sheedy. That was back in 1985 when I lived in the UK. Since then, I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for felines.

Kitty cats greet me at a warung in Surabaya - Bali Street Photographer August 2019
A friendly feline greets me at a warung in Surabaya – Bali Street Photographer in East Java August 2019

Connecting with kitty cats in Bali is a bit of a challenge. Cats aren’t as common as dogs on the island. Basically, the dogs rule the streets in Bali.

But, when we are in Surabaya visiting family, I get my cat fix. On the island of Java, cats rule the streets. Street dogs in Java are rare–the opposite of Bali.

Kitty cats waiting for scraps at a warung in Surabaya - Bali Street Photographer August 2019
Kitty cats waiting for scraps at a warung (street food stall) in Surabaya – Bali Street Photographer in East Java August 2019
This little kitty cats really wanted to meet me and sniff my bicycle on the backstreets of Surabaya - Bali Street Photographer August 2019
This little kitty really wanted (chased after me on my bicycle) to meet me and sniff my bicycle on the backstreets of Surabaya – Bali Street Photographer in East Java August 2019
Kitty cats with a woman at a warung in Surabaya - Bali Street Photographer August 2019
A kitty cat with a cat loving shop keeper at a warung in Surabaya – Bali Street Photographer in East Java August 2019

This post is dedicated to all the cat lovers who follow Thanks for following and for your support to the hard working people rescuing/rehoming Bali’s street cats at Villa Kitty.

This post is also motivated by the recent inspiring cat stories from Kathryn Presner. Please visit her site and have a read.

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Baby Dog – Latest Addition to the I Love Bali Dogs Gallery

Born to be Wild

We call him Baby Dog. Baby Dog is a Bali Street Dog who refuses to be taken in. Meaning he loves his freedom so much that he will probably never be “domesticated”.

We’re Owned by Him 😉

We’ve been watching over him ever since his mother passed last year. We called her Mommy Dog. Baby Dog now lives in our front yard because of a new construction project at his original home. We’re happy he chose to be closer to us. We love him. And, he’s grown fond of us.

See his photo and more images of Bali’s beloved street dogs in the I Love Bali Dogs photo gallery.

Bali dog on Galungan Day May 2018 - Bali Street Photographer
“Mommy Dog” – Bali Street Dog on Galungan Day May 2018.

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Editorial Photography

The Beloved Bali Street Dog

An Artistic Street Portrait of a Bali Street Dog

This is one of many street dogs we’ve made friends with. We make sure he gets a good meal every time he stops by.

He has finally put on some weight and got his energy back.

See the his photo and more in the new gallery dedicated to Bali Dogs.

While you are here, you mike like this one too. Can street photography be artistic?

#ilovebalidogs #adoptdontshop #bekindtoanimals

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Finding Empathy & Compassion in Ubud Bali

The Loyalty of Bali Dogs

This market vendor is accompanied by her Bali Dog. Bali Dogs are recognised as one of the oldest canine breeds. They are proven to be fiercly loyal once their trust is earned. Many Bali Dogs aren’t as loved as this one. So, seeing compassion such as this gives me hope.

Helping Bali Street dogs

Bali Street Photographer tours collaborates with Mission Paws’ible. Mission Paws’ible’s vision is to engage compassion within our human race, creating compassionate, loving and kindness that will resonate to create happy pets with safe homes.

Stay tuned

I’m developing a photo essay devoted to the Bali Dogs of the Pasar. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, see more Bali Dog photos here.


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Editorial Photography

Bali Dogs of the Pasar

I have a love affair with Bali dogs. I make portraits of Bali dogs every chance I get. But, I don’t post them. I’m not really sure why. Maybe because I don’t think the general public will find them interesting or because I feel there are way too many photos of dogs on the internet already?

Anyway, I think the story of the Bali dog needs to be shared. So, I’m finally preparing a photo essay dedicated to the beautiful Bali dog. Please stay tuned.

Here’s a mini gallery of Bali Dogs of the Pasar in the mean time.

#ilovebalidogs #adoptdontshop #bekindtoanimals

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Editorial News

Hope for A Bali Dog Rescue

Update: As of 30 August 2018, my wife & I adopted little Hopey.

Sweet Petit, Curly-Q, Cantik Banget. These are some of the nicknames I have for Hope. Hope, is a rescue babe in Ubud, Bali and she needs a forever family & home.

Hope - A dog rescued by Mission Pawsible Dog Rescue, Adoption, and Rehome in Bali
Hope – waiting for a forever family and home about a couple weeks after being rescued.

When I’m not doing a photo tour around Pasar Ubud or exploring the streets with camera in tow, I’m helping Mission Pawsible Dog Rescue, Adoption, & Rehome. I help Mission Pawsible (one of our tour donation partners) when they need fostering or photographs. Making before-and-after photos of rescued dogs is my all-time favourite assignment.  I’m honoured every time Mission Pawsible calls on me. It’s my humble way of giving back.

And, did I mention that these photo gigs give my wife and I an opportunity to foster beautiful creatures such as Hope when we can.

Miracle transformations (rescue, recovery, & fostering)

Let me tell you, witnessing the transformation of these special dogs from being tossed out and rejected to being rescued and loved can’t be described in words. These rescue stories are nothing short of a miracle.

Hope’s before and after photos

Hope Before & After Diptych - Mission Paws'ible and Bali Street Photographer
Left: Hope when she was found. Right: Hope today!


The things about Hope that tug on my heart strings are:

  1. Playful – She loves to play with humans and all dogs (a huge plus). Her playful energy is contagious–fair warning that you’ll find yourself playing more than you do now if you adopt this babe 😉.
  2. Agile – Hope is incredibly fast and agile, despite how her eyes look. She has visible ulcers on her corneas which are being treated with eye drops and they don’t impact her sight. She’ll run laps around the house inside and out at top speed never missing a step.
  3. Affectionate – At first, Hope was uncomfortable about being picked up. Now she’ll cuddle and melt in your lap (and on your pillow too).


If you are in Bali and you are a “hopeless” dog lover, please consider giving Hope a forever home. Here’s a link to Hope’s details on Mission Pawsible’s Facebook page.

If adopting Hope isn’t feasible for you, but you want to help, please think about donating your time or money to Mission Pawsible. I promise to give you the best photo tour of Ubud, if you do.

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Editorial News Photography

Surf’s up in Sanur Bali

surf’s up in sanur bali

Today, the waves were big enough to cancel all ferry boats going from Sanur, Bali to Nusa Lembongan (island off the coast of Bali). So, what does a street photographer at the beach do? Click some street photographs of course ;-).

Can photos at the beach be really considered street photography? Read more here–What is Street Photography?

Photo above made in Sanur, Bali on 19 July 2018 when all ferries were canceled due to high surf.

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Editorial Photography

The Dichotomy of Bali

Feature photo: The dichotomy of Bali–paradise and squalor, affluence and poverty on the Island of the Gods.

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Editorial Photography

Street Photography – How to be Different from the Rest

How do we really know what ultimately influences us to compose a picture before clicking the shutter?

Being Different or Like Other Street Photographers - Bali Street Photographer
Looking for Saul in Ubud Bali–A double-take composition influenced by master photographer Saul Leiter.

Should I be like all the other street photographers, or should I be different? How can I be different–is this even possible?

If you’ve been into street photography for even a short time, these two questions should have crossed your mind by now. We humans are influenced by many conscious and not so conscious factors. How do we really know what ultimately influences us to compose a picture before clicking the shutter? Is it our individuality or because we’ve seen it done by someone else?

Here are four heuristics I practice to be a more unique photographer.

  1. The double-take test:  If I’m going to photograph in a well known place, I look to see what photos are already out there. I take notice of what images make me look twice. Then I try compositions I hope will make people do a double-take. E.g., it can be looking at the scene upside down to discover a unique perspective, pointing my camera in the opposite direction of everyone else, or finding a spot off the beaten path that hasn’t been snapped yet.
  2. Research the masters: Looking at the masters is always inspiring to me. But, their work gives me more than mere inspiration. Take Saul Leiter for example. His photographs allow me to put myself in his shoes. When I do that, I can ponder, “What made Saul so special? What made him stand out? What was Saul thinking when he decided to stand where he did when he pressed the button? Why did he approach who he did when he captured a portrait?” Perhaps we may never know the answer and leave it at that. Or, we can see if the answers are out there in books, interviews, and documentaries. The bottom line is that we can let the masters impassion us to be unique.
  3. Inside job: Some times it’s who you know. A good number of my favourite photographs (the ones that break the mold) are pictures of people I know. I’ve photographed priceless moments of my wife in Surabaya, my barber in Ubud, my tuk-tuk driver in Chiang Mai, my waitress in Bhutan, my scuba instructor in the Maldives, and my media colleague in the Philippines. These acquaintances, former strangers, and friends give me an inside angle that can literally serve as a backstage pass for street portraits. Use it, but don’t abuse it. Your relationships are privileges not potential exploits.
  4. Be yourself: Being yourself requires meditation time away from the camera. Spend time reflecting and searching for your true self. One way to do this is to detach from your ego. Start practising street photography for the joy not the ego-based competition. Be mindful or your surroundings and empathetic to people. Once you start shedding your ego and become more mindful, your individuality and creativity blossoms. When this happens, your uniqueness and personal perspective will be reflected in the art you create not the pictures you “take” or “shoot”.

Portrait of Iman - Bali Street Photographer Ubud Bali
Portrait of Iman Inspired by The Morrison Hotel album cover by Henry Diltz – photographing who you know is a back stage pass to hidden gems.

Sunset Portrait at Sanur Beach Bali - Bali Street Photographer
Sunset Portrait at Sanur Beach Bali – while everyone was tripping over themselves to photograph the sunset, I pointed my camera the other way to catch the fading light on this man’s face. On Ilford HP5 Plus 400 35 mm film.

Yearning for more inspiration? Visit our Artistic Street Photography gallery here.

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