Priceless Smiles, Details, Bali Dogs, & Mad Photography Skills – Photos by Guest Photographer Simon Gray

Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tour ©️ Studio Gray

October 2018 officially Marked the first anniversary of Bali Street Photographer

Having guest photographer Simon and his daughter Aurora join me in October was a perfect way to celebrate the first full year of the Pasar Ubud Street Photography tour! And, there’s more. The icing on the cake is that Simon recently opened a solo exhibit (24 November) in his home town of Perth. His exhibit featured many of his incredible photographs from the Pasar Ubud tour. Simon is even donating some of the proceeds to our donation partners!

Simon’s Gallery posted on Bali Street Photographer

Recently, Simon generously shared many of his images. I am now honoured to host some of his beautiful work on this site for your viewing pleasure.

See Simon’s Bali Street Photographer gallery here.

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Hope for A Bali Dog Rescue

Mission Pawsible Dog Rescue, Adoption, and Rehome - Bali, Indonesia

Sweet Petit, Curly-Q, Cantik Banget. These are some of the nicknames I have for Hope. Hope, is a rescue babe in Ubud, Bali and she needs a forever family & home.

Hope - A dog rescued by Mission Pawsible Dog Rescue, Adoption, and Rehome in Bali
Hope – waiting for a forever family and home about a couple weeks after being rescued.

When I’m not doing a photo tour around Pasar Ubud or exploring the streets with camera in tow, I’m helping Mission Pawsible Dog Rescue, Adoption, & Rehome. I help Mission Pawsible (one of our tour donation partners) when they need fostering or photographs. Making before-and-after photos of rescued dogs is my all-time favourite assignment.  I’m honoured every time Mission Pawsible calls on me. It’s my humble way of giving back.

And, did I mention that these photo gigs give my wife and I an opportunity to foster beautiful creatures such as Hope when we can.

Miracle transformations (rescue, recovery, & fostering)

Let me tell you, that witnessing the transformation of these special dogs from being tossed out and rejected to being rescued and loved can’t be described in words. These rescue stories are nothing short of a miracle.

Hope’s before and after photos


The things about Hope that tug on my heart strings are:

  1. Playful – She loves to play with humans and all dogs (a huge plus). Her playful energy is contagious–fair warning that you’ll find yourself playing more than you do now if you adopt this babe 😉.
  2. Agile – Hope is incredibly fast and agile, despite how her eyes look. She has visible ulcers on her corneas which are being treated with eye drops and they don’t impact her sight. She’ll run laps around the house inside and out at top speed never missing a step.
  3. Affectionate – At first, Hope was uncomfortable about being picked up. Now she’ll cuddle and melt in your lap (and on your pillow too).


If you are in Bali and you are a “hopeless” dog lover, please consider giving Hope a forever home. Here’s a link to Hope’s details on Mission Pawsible’s Facebook page.

If adopting Hope isn’t feasible for you, but you want to help, please think about donating your time or money to Mission Pawsible. I promise to give you the best photo tour of Ubud, if you do.

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Thinking of Lombok – August 2018 Earthquakes

The beach at Gili Trawangan on Lombok, Indonesia - Bali Street Photographer

As I read the news, it’s unfathomable for me to comprehend what the people and visitors of Lombok are going through right now. I’ve read reports of villagers and tourists escaping collapsing buildings only to frantically run in darkness for higher ground in fear of a tsunami. It’s terrifying for me just to read these stories.

If you haven’t heard about what’s going on in Lombok and neighboring Bali, here’s a quick read from The Economist 9 August 2018 to get you caught up.

ON AUGUST 6th the Indonesian island of Lombok was shaken for the second time in ten days. A 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck the tourist haven, razing buildings, shattering roads and cutting off electricity. A government-issued tsunami warning added to the panic, sending people running for higher ground, though the ensuing wave proved small. Thousands of people have been evacuated. Crowds gathered on the beaches of the Gili Islands, off Lombok’s north-west coast, to be shipped to safety. The quake killed 347 people and injured over 1,000. A smaller tremor which hit days before claimed 17 lives. Another struck on August 9th.

~From The Economist 9 August 2018.

Read the full article.

As for Bali, sadly we had a couple of fatalities and structural damage from 6 August. We’ve felt the aftershocks–especially the one yesterday on 9 August. And now, life goes on. But, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone negatively affected by the August 6 quake and dozens of aftershocks. My heart goes out especially to the people of Lombok who lost loved ones. And, for those who don’t have a home anymore–who have lost everything.

Cover photo: the beach at Gili Trawangan Island Lombok taken circa 2013.

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Surf’s up in Sanur Bali

Surf's up in Sanur Bali - Bali Street Photographer

surf’s up in sanur bali

Today, the waves were big enough to cancel all ferry boats going from Sanur, Bali to Nusa Lembongan (island off the coast of Bali). So, what does a street photographer at the beach do? Click some street photographs of course ;-).

Can photos at the beach be really considered street photography? Read more here–What is Street Photography?

Photo above made in Sanur, Bali on 19 July 2018 when all ferries were canceled due to high surf.

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Villa Kitty – Caring for the lives of Bali’s cats

Villa Kitty Ubud Bali - Bali Street Photographer donation partner

Big welcome to a new donation partner, Villa Kitty Foundation of Ubud Bali.


Villa Kitty Foundationbali-villa-kitty-green-eyes-1

Caring for the lives of Bali’s cats

The Villa Kitty team works hard to save the lives of Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. In addition to offering them safe and comfortable shelter we provide quality veterinary care and advice, sterilisation programs, responsible cat adoption services, education programs to promote responsible cat ownership, love and rehabilitation.

Donate to Villa Kitty today.

Villa Kitty on Facebook.

Visit our donation partners page.

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Share Love – A quick meditation from Henri Cartier-Bresson

Share Love Street Art - Pasar Ubud - Bali Street Photographer

“To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It’s a way of life”
~Henri Cartier-Bresson

I’ve been wanting to capture this prominent street mural for quite a while. It never felt right all the times I’ve walked by before. Today, it was different. It called to me. I stopped, said hello to the woman in the photo, and click a few frames. This particular one was my favourite because of that signature Balinese smile.

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