Christine visiting from San Diego USA

Jalan Jalan

Jalan jalan is Bahasa Indonesia for walkabout. “Where are you going?” or “Mau kemana?” in Bali is equivalent to “Hey, what’s up?” And, the common local reply is, “Jalan jalan!”. When you come jalan jalan with me you will: Be immersed in everyday Bali. Mingle with more authentic people. Learn/practice your street photography skills. And, …

Canang at Pasar Ubud by Wiwit Ristu - Bali Street Photography tour


Canang is everywhere in Bali. Daily Offerings “Why do they put them almost every where? Because our life is everywhere and god is everywhere.” —Sangtu from Bali Silent Retreat What are these little baskets of flowers and incense that we almost trip over when walking the streets of Ubud? These baskets are called canang and …