Sittin’ on the “dock” of the Pasar – Best time to photograph a Bali Dog

Bali Dogs of the Pasar by Bali Street Photographer

"Two thousand miles I roam. Just to make this dock my home" ~Otis Redding The Bali Dogs of the pasar seem to follow a schedule. When the pasar is in full swing early in the morning, they are scattered and roaming around individually. Towards 7:30-8:00 am, they beging to form in groups and forage together …


Balancing Baskets – Photo Series by Guest Photographer Syahravi

Woman with basket ©️ Syahravi - Pasar Ubud Bali Street Photographer Tour

Making art out of the Every Day Occurrence When you go to the pasar, baskets balancing on people's heads is a common sight. Syahravi, a young photographer from Jakarta, masterfully transformed this seemingly mundane occurrence into poetry in motion. All photos above are by Syahravi from the Pasar Ubud Tour with Bali Street Photographer. Thank …

The Colours of Canang

Balinese Man Making Canang Sari Offerings Pasar Ubud - Bali Street Photographer Tour

Each colour of a canang sari offering symbolises a Balinese Hindu god. The red is for Brahma, the white is for Iswara, the yellow is for Mahadeva, and the green is for Vishnu. See more at the Bali Street Photographer Canang gallery.  

Guest Photographer Brian from South Africa

Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tour ©️ mark l chaves

It was in incredible pleasure to show-off Pasar Ubud to the talented Brian from South Africa. Brian's straight-up and direct style is harmoniously complimented by his clean, classic, and timeless street photographs. See the rest of Brian's contributions in the full photo gallery.