Hope for A Bali Dog Rescue

Mission Pawsible Dog Rescue, Adoption, and Rehome - Bali, Indonesia

Sweet Petit, Curly-Q, Cantik Banget. These are some of the nicknames I have for Hope. Hope, is a rescue babe in Ubud, Bali and she needs a forever family & home. When I'm not doing a photo tour around Pasar Ubud or exploring the streets with camera in tow, I'm helping Mission Pawsible Dog Rescue, …


Guest Photographer from Artisanal Photo

Adrian of Artisanal Photo at Pasar Ubud Street Photography Tour

I'm honoured and pleased to present photos made by Adrian of Artisanal Photo. Adrian's approach to street photography gives us a fresh perspective--showing us how everyday life in Bali is a gift of beauty. More Photos on Adrian's gallery here.

Padang Masakan – Indonesian Food

Padang Maskan Indonesian food - Bali Street Photographer

About Masakan PadangPadang Masakan or cuisine originating from West Sumatra is my favourite Indonesian food. Many Padang Masakan warungs offer just as much vegetarian options as they have meat dishes. Sample Masakan Padang dishes (vegetarian)What I like the most is the green curry with tofu, lumpia, tempe gorengan, corn fritters, and tahu Mendoan--enak/yum! To drink, …