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Pasar Ubud Street Photography Tour

  • One-hour tours at 7:00 am, 8:30 am, and 10:00 am. A custom time can be arranged. 7 am is the best time to see the true spirit of the market. 8:30 is transition time where the market transforms from a traditional pasar to souvenir shops. 10 am is perfect to capture the colourful tourist scene in full swing.
  • All tours take place at the Ubud traditional market (pasar Ubud) in the heart of Ubud, Bali. Mark will arrange to meet you there.
  • Group size will be from one to four people (4 is the max).
  • Tours are open to photographers of all experience levels who have a passion for street photography.
  • Price: donation-based. Yes, you read that correctly. How much you donate and to who is up to you :-). See our Donation Partners page.
  • Click below to check availability and reserve your spot. For any questions, please email
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The Ogoh-Ogoh That Never Was

In March 2020, all Ogoh-Ogoh celebrations were cancelled in Bali. This left a lot of Ogoh-Ogoh like this one all dressed up with no place to go.


To See Rather Than Look

One of the Bali Street Photographer’s core values is to see rather than look.

Culture News

Kaki Lima Spotted North of Ubud

Kaki limas (five legs) are rare in Ubud. If one is around, it always catches my eye. This kaki lima was spotted just north of Ubud.


Chasing Harsh Light During Transition Time

Today, we were blessed with clear skies and harsh light. While in the middle of Bali’s rainy season no less.

About the photo: a market porter strides by a texting young adult and bemo shortly after 8 a.m. (transition time) in front of Pasar Ubud.

Learn more about layered photograph compositions.

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Culture News

More Canang (Offerings) Photos Posted

New Additions to the Canang Gallery

Visit the full gallery. Special thanks to Kathryn Presner’s contribution to the gallery.

Share & enjoy!

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Photography Sightseeing

Guest Photographer Kathryn from Canada

The Photography & Techie Connection

One of the things I love about my passion project, Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tours, is meeting people from everywhere. Recently, things got even more interesting. At least three participants have two things in common with me. They come from high tech backgrounds and they love photography. I’m wondering now. Could this be a coincidence? Or, is there some connection between being a techie and loving photography?

Is it because techies are also creators? And, techies like gadgets? What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

Short Hiatus

First, let me apologise. This is a late post. I took some time-off from the tours in September-October to focus on a couple projects. Now it’s mid-November, and I’m still trying to catch up on sharing new posts.

Happiness Engineering

Photo ©️ Kathryn Presner on the Bali Street Photorapher Tour in Pasar Ubud
Happiness Engineering at Pasar Ubud
Photo ©️ Kathryn Presner on the Bali Street Photorapher Tour in Pasar Ubud

Speaking of hiatuses. In August, I was thrilled to meet Kathryn from Canada. Kathryn was in Bali for part of her sabbatical from being a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, Inc. Automattic is the parent company of is where is hosted.

I have a confession. Saying that I’m honoured to guide a Happiness Engineer from Automattic is an understatement!

Thanks for joining the tour, Kathryn!

Learn more and check the full gallery on Kathryn’s site. Not to be missed.

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Millie – You Can Help

One late night in May 2019, I heard a dog in front of our home screaming. I ran outside. I saw a street dog viciously attacking this poor little pooch (Millie) that I’ve never seen before.

I shooed the larger attacking dog away. The dog that was being attacked was small with a black coat and lying in the gutter shaking. She smelled–her odor was unbearable, and I saw what I thought was her intestines exposed. I was terrified that this poor soul’s life was going to end in this miserable way.

Millie found in a gutter after being attacked 10 May 2019.

Later that night at the vet’s office, we found out she had a severe case of canine TVT. It was a cancerous tumor coming from her vagina that I thought were her intestines (when I rescued her). Needless to say, these things don’t grow over night. Most likely, who ever had her before didn’t treat her cancer.

Released From the Hospital

Fast-forward to September, Millie was cleared to leave the vet’s office (where she was staying since 10 May). I was visiting her 3-4 times a week. Every time I visited her she would growl and bark at me. I wasn’t able to get close enough to her to pet her. We brought her to our home on 23 September. We opened her crate, but she wouldn’t leave it until we were gone. She growled every time we came close–even when we fed her.

Then, about three days later, she came up to me. She sniffed me. Then she stood there waiting to be pet. I couldn’t believe it. Finally, she trusted me. This is after rescuing her, visiting her for months, and staying three days at our home. Ah, what a relief.


On 26 October, Millie was back in the hospital. During a checkup a couple days before, two new tumors were found. This time Millie’s doctor recommends that Millie undergo doxorubicin chemo once every three weeks.

Millie was a bit of a mess on some days following her first doxorubicin round. Below is a photo from four days after on a good day. So beautiful.

Millie after her fourteenth round of chemo. First round of doxorubicin.
Millie after her fourteenth round of chemo. First round of doxorubicin.

Now, we need your help–to help Millie fight her cancer. And, to find her a forever home.

You Can Help by

  1. Referring people to
  2. Telling people about Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud tours, if they are going to Ubud or living in Bali.
  3. Donating what ever amount of money you can on Millie’s donation page.
  4. Sharing this post on your social media feeds.
help Millie to be cancer free and find a forever home - Bali Street Photographer Donations
Just after being rescued.
Millie enjoying life. Finally being able to be a dog. A brief and rare moment while her cancer was in remission.

Thank you!

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News Photography

Meals on Wheels – New Additions

More two wheel wonders from the streets of Bali.

Meals on Wheels - Bali Street Photographer

See the full gallery.


Ini Bali / This is Bali

In Search of the Real Bali

Bali is a global tourist destination. So, it makes sense that Bali seems to be overdeveloped.

People may complain about it–the overdevelopment. Most definitely there are less rice paddies (sawah) in Ubud than there was when I first arrived in 2010.

But, if one is wanderer/adventurer, one doesn’t have to go far to find the real Bali.

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Bali Mornings

Two Worlds of Bali

Steeped in tradition yet living in the modern world—the dichotomy of Bali.