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Full Bimo Ride at Pasar Ubud - Bali Street Photography Tours
  • One-hour tours are offered any day of the week at 7:00 am9:00am, or at 11:00 am.
  • All tours take place at the Ubud traditional market (pasar Ubud) in the heart of Ubud, Bali. Mark will arrange to meet you there.
  • Group size will be from one to four people (4 is the max).
  • Tours are open to photographers of all experience levels who have a passion for street photography.
  • Price: donation-based. Yes, you read that correctly. How much you donate and to who is up to you :-). See our Donation Partners page.
  • Click below to check availability and reserve your spot. For any questions, please email

My Favourite Hangouts in Ubud Bali

Campuhan Ridge Ubud - Bali Street Photographer

What is there to do in Ubud, you ask?

I get this question a lot. So, I am sharing my current local hangouts here. Keep the following notes in mind while reading this list.

  1. These are places I’ve been to more than twice i.e., hangouts.
  2. These places can be reached in 15 minutes or so by foot from the Ubud Palace area (Ubud Centre). Most articles I’ve read about what to do in Ubud tell you about places that are 30 minutes to 2 hours away by car.
  3. * means a must-see or must-do. If you’re in Ubud for only a day, do these.

Ubud is like my mood–constantly changing. Check back often for updates, photos, & descriptions.

Arjuna Statue Ubud - Bali Street Photographer
Patung Arjuna – Arjuna Statue aka Indra Statue


Campuhan Ridge Walk* (straight out of Dr. Seuss)

If Bali had a concept of a protected nature area for public use, Campuhan Ridge would be its poster child. The locals and expats keep it nice and clean. Please help keep it that way. We regularly take our dogs for walks here. I hold photos shoots here.

In the main area, a lonely palm tree surrounded by lush tall grass, perched on a high ridge overlooking the Wos rivers is right out of a Dr. Seuss story. If you go in the afternoon, you will understand why Campuhan Ridge is also known as (aka) bukit cium (kissing hill).

The feature photo for this post of the farmer in the grass is Campuhan Ridge before it was a “thing”.

 Campuhan Ridge Walk Ubud Bali - Bali Street PhotographerPura Gunung Lembah at Campuhan Ridge Walk 35mm film - Bali Street Photographer 

Pasar Ubud* (Ubud Market – you can see Bali as is time stood still here before 7am)

I can’t think of a better place to experience Balinese culture than the pasar (traditional market). But, you must get to the market early especially for Pasar Ubud. At Pasar Ubud, I’ve seen vendors in full-force as early as 4 am in the morning. By 7 am, the traditional market sellers are getting ready to “pulang” (go home). By 8 am, all the fruit, spices, kue (Balinese pastry), & banten (Balinese temple offerings) vanish giving way to a sea of oleh oleh (tourist souvenirs).

After 10 am, Pasar Ubud has a complete different vibe. It’s worth it to experience both the early morning and mid-day moods of Ubud’s traditional market. Be sure you have your bargaining skills with you when you go.

Pasar Ubud - Ubud Market - Bali Street Photographer

Pura Taman Saraswati (wedding photographers paradise)

Monkey Forest (hide your shiny stuff)

Lempad of Bali House (Bali’s late legendary sculpture and painter)

Patung Arjuna (Arjuna Statue)


Yoga Barn - Bali Street Photographer
Ganesha watches over yoga devotees at the famous Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali.

Yoga Studios

Yoga Barn* (the one and only)

Radiantly Alive

Radiantly Alive - Ubud - Bali Street Photographer

Art Museums

ARMA (Walter Spies)

Neka (Arie Smit)

Puri Lukisan

Sika (local contemporary)


Pasar Ubud* (to practice your bargaining skills go here after 9am)

Jalan Gootama (also spelled Goutama)

Definitely my favourite street to take a leisurely stroll. A great alley way for window shopping and grabbing a bite to eat. It’s a shame motor vehicles are allowed on this narrow street. But, dodging dogs/roosters/motor bikes/tour buses are all part of the fun of Ubud.

Jalan Gootama Ubud Bali - Bali Street Photographer

Threads of Life

Nadis Herbal

Ganesha Bookstore

Bali Buda


Puteri Minang Padang Food*

Excellent Indonesian cuisine from Padang. Very reasonable prices. Bonus: recently put in a dedicated vegetarian section with red rice option.

Red rice, vegetarian lumpia, tempe gorengan, and es jeruk (no sugar no straw) is my usual. Conveniently located next to Bali Buda and Ganesha Books on Jl Raya Ubud. The main post office and plenty of ATM machines are near by.

Puteri Minang Padang Food - Bali Street Photographer

Kakiang Bakery

Mamma Mia (Pizza)

Watercress Cafe


Bali Buda

Taco Casa

Kafe (original home of the Yoga Barn)

Confiture de Bali

Halal Ubud Burger (veggie burger available! yes!)


Downtown Ubud Cafe - Bali Street Photographer
The only place inside Pasar Ubud to enjoy a proper espresso.


Seniman Coffee Studio* (innovative, unique, cool, and delicious)

In operations since 2011, Seniman broke the mold. There was nothing in Ubud (probably all of Bali) before they arrived. Even now with the boutique coffee scene explosion, there is no place in Bali that can match Seniman’s exceptional coffee and ambience.

Click here to read my full TA review from way back in 2012.

Arak Coffee

Downtown Ubud (Cafe)

Kahiyang Coffee (kahiyang means harmony)

Co-Working Spaces


The Onion Collective

bali street photographer - mark l chaves

Relating to and Understanding Ubud

Pasar Ubud Tour - Bali Street Photographer - mark l chaves

“My boyfriend and I were blown away by our time spent with Mark in Pasar Ubud. Sure, the temples, art, culture, etc. is as colorful as it is impressive but without Mark’s guidance, we wouldn’t have been able to relate or understand the depth of how majestic this place was.

Mark made Ubud fun! He took us to a few temples, we went to the traditional market (he helped us navigate since we didn’t speak the language), and took us to the home of legendary Balinese artist Gusti Nyoman Lempad. Mark’s tour of Pasar Ubud was one of the highlights of our trip!”

-Jenn from Los Angeles California USA

Terima kasih / matur suksma, Jennifer. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your boyfriend. I am thrilled to know I made Ubud fun for the both of you. 🙂

Bali Street Photographer - Mark L Chaves

A Keen Eye

Stella from LA - testimonial for Bali Street Photographer

“On my first trip to Bali, I stayed in Ubud and was introduced to an English speaking local, Mark Chaves. He hosts cultural market tours to tourists to explain the Balinese culture and customs. It was a great experience because he knew the local customs and the ins and out of the culture, the food, and how the locals go about their daily lives. I found it really interesting to learn so much about the differences in the Bali and Indonesia itself, how the locals lived, and especially all the interesting items being sold in the market.

It was very informative to be immersed in the Balinese culture and understand more about the people. Mark has a very keen eye in seeing and interpreting something unique in all that was going on around us. It was certainly a pleasure to meet Mark and participate in his market tour.”

-Stella from Los Angeles California USA

Terima kasih / matur suksma, Stella. It was such a pleasure to meet you and show-off Pasar Ubud to you. 🙂
bali street photographer - mark l chaves

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bali street photographer - mark l chaves

First Tour – Caught in the act

Bali Street Photographer

Many thanks to Wiwit (my very first tour participant) for clicking this candid image of me!

During our session we covered technical tips like setting up the camera for shallow and deep depths of field. Then we practised the fun stuff like framing and my favourite–juxtapositioning.

Here’s another beauty from Wiwit.

Canang at Pasar Ubud by Wiwit Ristu - Bali Street Photography tour
Canang or daily balinese offerings at Pasar Ubud by Wiwit Ristu

bali street photographer - mark l chaves