This Felt More Like a Master Class

Testimonial from Aurora & Simon visiting from Australia - Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud

Let me start by saying that in the 20 years I’ve carried a camera, the shots I got on Mark’s tour of the Pasar Ubud are some of my favorites. Spending time with Mark as he took us through the crowded walkways and nuanced work lives of the market’s many merchants was a rare treat. While the tour is a reasonable description, this felt more like a master class with Mark sharing his valuable insights, directing us through his process and sharing his deep empathy for the people whose lives we were capturing. I’m a better photographer for the experience and my daughter, Aurora, as a new photographer, feels she now has a better eye and is ready to hang up her iPhone for a 35mm film camera! 🙂

I’d highly recommend Mark, his work and this tour to anyone with a love of photography and a calling to capture life as it happens.

Aurora & Simon visiting from Australia - Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud
Aurora & Simon visiting from Australia–Pasar Ubud October 2018

~Simon & Aurora Gray

I’m totally blulshing after reading your deep and hearfelt words, Simon & Aurora! The honour was all mine. I feel blessed that we had the opportunity to share our love of photography. I look forward to seeing your photos from the tour! 🙏🏽

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Bali Street Photographer - Mark L Chaves

Ubud Street Style — Standing Out in the Crowd

Ubud Street Style -- Pasar Ubud Photography Tours by Bali Street Photographer

Another way to make your street photography stand out is to photograph people that stand out. Today, I took a short break at my fave crepes spot (Confiture de Bali) in Ubud. This stylish young woman (pictured above) pulled up in front of where I was sitting.

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Finding Empathy & Compassion in Ubud Bali

Bali Dogs of the Pasar by Bali Street Photographer

The Loyalty of Bali Dogs

This market vendor is accompanied by her Bali Dog. Bali Dogs are recognised as one of the oldest canine breeds. They are proven to be fiercly loyal once their trust is earned. Many Bali Dogs aren’t as loved as this one. So, seeing compassion such as this gives me hope.

Helping Bali Street dogs

Bali Street Photographer tours collaborates with Mission Paws’ible. Mission Paws’ible’s vision is to engage compassion within our human race, creating compassionate, loving and kindness that will resonate to create happy pets with safe homes.

Stay tuned

I’m developing a photo essay devoted to the Bali Dogs of the Pasar. Please stay tuned.

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Sittin’ on the “dock” of the Pasar – Best time to photograph a Bali Dog

Bali Dogs of the Pasar by Bali Street Photographer

“Two thousand miles I roam. Just to make this dock my home” ~Otis Redding

The Bali Dogs of the pasar seem to follow a schedule. When the pasar is in full swing early in the morning, they are scattered and roaming around individually. Towards 7:30-8:00 am, they beging to form in groups and forage together or wait for vendors to throw scraps their way. Generally, this is the best time to photograph a Bali Dog in Pasar Ubud.


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Priests & Priestesses 1

Priests & Priestesses 1 - Bali Street Photographer Ubud Bali

Upacara Agama (Balinese Religious Ceremony)

Balinese ceremonies (Upacara) in some shape or form are held every day on the Island of the Gods. Major ceremonies like the one these men are going to occur almost every week. You are guaranteed to see an upacara if you stay for a few days in Bali.

This is the first photo in a new series that will feature less mainstream (maybe slightly quirky) images of Balinese ceremonies.

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