Canang at Pasar Ubud by Wiwit Ristu - Bali Street Photography tour

Canang is everywhere in Bali.

Daily Offerings

“Why do they put them almost every where? Because our life is everywhere and god is everywhere.”

~Sangtu from Bali Silent Retreat

Canang with cigarette - Bali Street Photographer Ubud Bali
Yes. Even cigarettes make a respectable offering.
Canang Sari - Bali Street Photographer Ubud
Dupa (incense) carries the sari (essence) of the banten (offering) to God, ancestors, and nature–Pasar Ubud, Bali.

What are these little baskets of flowers and incense that seem to be everywhere?  We almost trip over them when walking the streets of Ubud. These baskets are called canang and the offerings (flowers, mints, candy, incense, and sometimes cigarettes) are called the sari or essence. Canang sari is a form of banten or offering that is woven deep in the fabric of Balinese culture.

Each colour in the canang is tied to a specific Balinese Hindu deity. The burning incense carries the spirit of the offering to the heavens.

I’ll go out-on-a-limb to say that if you understand canang sari, then you understand Bali. Canang sari classes are often given freely by hotels or in the villages.

Now, watch your step.

Balinese Man Making Canang Sari Offerings Pasar Ubud - Bali Street Photographer Tour
A Balinese Man Making Canang Sari Offerings Pasar Ubud, Bali

Read more about canang here:

Feature photo taken by Wiwit Ristu. View the full canang gallery below.

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