Guest Photographer Paul Eveleigh’s Bali Street Photography Gallery

Fresh set of eyes

Walking through the pasar with Paul was like having a fresh set of eyes. I mixed it up a little with the route. We paced ourselves slower than other tours I’ve led on average. We had more time —Paul arrived early! There was less hustle/bustle.. And, this time of year (Bali’s dry/winter season) the light comes a bit later.

Please enjoy Paul’s photo contribution from his June 2019 Pasar Ubud tour.

Thanks for sharing your fresh set of eyes with us, Paul!

Paul Eveleigh - Testimonial for Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tour
Paul from Australia on the Pasar Ubud Tour – photo by mark l chaves

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By mark l chaves

freelance photographer ∙ writer ∙ web developer

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