The Beloved Bali Street Dog

Bali Street Dog just north of Ubud Bali - Bali Street Photographer

An Artistic Street Portrait of a Bali Street Dog This is one of many street dogs we've made friends with. We make sure he gets a good meal every time he stops by. He has finally put on some weight and got his energy back. See the his photo and more in the new gallery [...]

When Stuck in Traffic Make Photographs

Ngaben - Balinese Cremation Ceremony - Bali Street Photographer

Opportunistic Street Photography Today, after running some morning errands. I was stuck in the middle of a huge traffic jam in the centre of Ubud. That usually means one thing--upacara. In other words, there was a Balinese Hindu Religious procession in progress. Rather than waiting in the hot sun inhaling exhaust from dozens of idling [...]