The Ogoh-Ogoh That Never Was

In March 2020, all Ogoh-Ogoh celebrations were cancelled in Bali because of COVID-19. This left a lot of Ogoh-Ogoh (like this one above) all dressed up with no place to go.


To See Rather Than Look

One of the values of Bali Street Photographer is To See Rather Than Look This post is inspired by Streets of Nuremberg’s post called Wise Words of Photography. Read more about Bali Street Photographer’s values here. Share & enjoy!

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The Colours of Canang

Each colour of a canang sari offering symbolises a Balinese Hindu god. The red is for Brahma, the white is for Iswara, the yellow is for Mahadeva, and the green is for Vishnu. See more at the Bali Street Photographer Canang gallery.