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Ubud Street Style — Standing Out in the Crowd

Another way to make your street photography stand out is to photograph people that stand out. Today, I took a short break at my fave crepes spot (Confiture de Bali) in Ubud. This stylish young woman (pictured above) pulled up in front of where I was sitting. If you want some tips on what to do […]

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Padang Masakan – Indonesian Food

Feature photo: Late night munchies. Padang Masakan (West Sumatra cuisine) being served up on the back streets of Kuta Beach, Bali. About Masakan Padang Padang Masakan or cuisine originating from West Sumatra is my favourite Indonesian food. Many Padang Masakan warungs offer just as much vegetarian options as they have meat dishes. Sample Masakan Padang […]

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Endless Bali Summer Nights

Endless Bali summer nights on the streets of Kuta Beach.