Light & Shadow

Magnum and Nat Geo photographer, Alex Webb has a super human way of photographing the streets. His uncanny eye and brilliant colour technique are unmatched in the art of street photography.

I’m dedicating a new gallery inspired by Webb’s artistic perspective of street photography. Here’s a quick sneak peek of the new Light & Shadow series on Bali Street Photographer. Stay tuned for more.

Feature photo: A bemo (public transportation mini van) whizzes by on Jalan Raya Ubud.

What is Artistic Street Photography? Learn more here.

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Pasar Ubud Mornings

A Stage for Shadow Play

A stage for an epic play of shadows–is what the pasar brings you just after the early morning rush. This is when the sun finally makes its way above the tops of Ubud’s buildings. If you chase harsh light, then wait for it. You’ll be rewarded.

#chasingharshlight #ubudisamood

Feature image in frame, the lovely Dia from

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