Ini Bali / This is Bali

In Search of the Real Bali Bali is a global tourist destination. So, it makes sense that Bali seems to be overdeveloped. People may complain about it–the overdevelopment. Most definitely there are less rice paddies (sawah) in Ubud than there was when I first arrived in 2010. But, if one is wanderer/adventurer, one doesn’t have […]


Pasar Ubud Mornings

A Stage for Shadow Play A stage for an epic play of shadows–is what the pasar brings you just after the early morning rush. This is when the sun finally makes its way above the tops of Ubud’s buildings. If you chase harsh light, then wait for it. You’ll be rewarded. #chasingharshlight #ubudisamood Feature image […]

Culture Photography

Everyday Bali Jalan Jalan

“Where are you going?” or “Mau kemana?” in Bali is equivalent to “Hey, what’s up?” And, the common local reply is, “Jalan jalan!”. This roughly means going around without any pre determined destination. Jalan jalan might not seem useful at first glance. But, give it a try the next time a driver asks you if […]

News Photography

Guest Photographer Les from the UK

Les is our very first guest to share his photos from the tour. We are very honoured to post them here for your viewing. Here’s a sneak peek. See the full gallery of Les’ photographs here. Follow Les on Flickr.


Pasar Street Style

“All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.” ~Richard Avedon A mindful photographer notices almost everything. I love noticing what clothes people wear–their style. Everyone is fashionable in the eyes of a photographer.