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Ogoh-Ogoh 2019

Glimpses of ogoh-ogoh Every banjar (Balinese community) is preparing for the night before Nyepi (Balinese Silent Day/New Year – 7 March 2019). This means you can see glimpses of the famous ogoh-ogoh statues being built everywhere. In Bali, it seems that every week there’s an auspicous festival or special holiday. But, Nyepi is unique. And, […]

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Bali’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Today, 17 March 2018, is Pengerupukan in Bali. This is the day when all the ogoh-ogoh statues take to the streets. These giant puppet-like statues finally get to play outside after being meticulously handcrafted for weeks. Pengerupukan is the Balinese New Year’s Eve. See our ogoh-ogoh gallery here for more. Here is a list of […]