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Guest Photographer Kathryn from Canada

The Photography & Techie Connection

One of the things I love about my passion project, Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tours, is meeting people from everywhere. Recently, things got even more interesting. At least three participants have two things in common with me. They come from high tech backgrounds and they love photography. I’m wondering now. Could this be a coincidence? Or, is there some connection between being a techie and loving photography?

Is it because techies are also creators? And, techies like gadgets? What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

Short Hiatus

First, let me apologise. This is a late post. I took some time-off from the tours in September-October to focus on a couple projects. Now it’s mid-November, and I’m still trying to catch up on sharing new posts.

Happiness Engineering

Photo ©️ Kathryn Presner on the Bali Street Photorapher Tour in Pasar Ubud
Happiness Engineering at Pasar Ubud
Photo ©️ Kathryn Presner on the Bali Street Photorapher Tour in Pasar Ubud

Speaking of hiatuses. In August, I was thrilled to meet Kathryn from Canada. Kathryn was in Bali for part of her sabbatical from being a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, Inc. Automattic is the parent company of is where is hosted.

I have a confession. Saying that I’m honoured to guide a Happiness Engineer from Automattic is an understatement!

Thanks for joining the tour, Kathryn!

Learn more and check the full gallery on Kathryn’s site. Not to be missed.

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Photography Sightseeing

Guest Photographer Paul from Australia

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to the Bali Street Photographer galleries. Please have a look at Paul Eveleigh’s wonderful photograph contributions.

I especially love the composition work in these three lovely images.

See the rest on Paul’s dedicated gallery.

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Learning How to Use Light, Composition and Story Telling

I learned more from Mark than I did on an expensive photo tour. Like how to use light, composition and story telling. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. If you take only one photo tour in Ubud, take this one. Ten out of ten. ~Paul Eveleigh

Thanks so much for your kind words, Paul! It was such a pleasure to show-off the pasar to you. I appreciate your love for telling a good story through pictures.

See you next time!


Paul Eveleigh - Testimonial for Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tour
Paul from Australia on the Pasar Ubud Tour – photo by mark l chaves
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Guest Photographer Sid Kannegnati from India

While cameras were always familiar to me, it was my introduction to Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliot Erwitt’s photography that proved life changing. ~Sid Kannegnati

After some scheduling challenges and dodging the remains of a long rainy season, Sid & I finally met. Thanks for joining the tour and creating some wonderful street photography, Sid!

Please read more about Sid’s inspiration and view more of his incredible photos here!

Follow Sid on Instagram here.

Guest Bali Street Photographer Sid from India by mark l chaves
Feature image & this portrait of Sid by mark l chaves

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Pasar Ubud Mornings

A Stage for Shadow Play

A stage for an epic play of shadows–is what the pasar brings you just after the early morning rush. This is when the sun finally makes its way above the tops of Ubud’s buildings. If you chase harsh light, then wait for it. You’ll be rewarded.

#chasingharshlight #ubudisamood

Feature image in frame, the lovely Dia from

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An Instagram Moment on Jalan Goutama – Where to go in Ubud

New updates

More photos, links, and updates on My Favourite Hangouts in Ubud, Bali.

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Photography Sightseeing

Ubud Palace – When Smoke Gets in your Eyes

Beauty in the Mundane

During all the years I’ve lived in Ubud, I’ve never seen the Ubud Palace being completely smoked-out. In this case, fogged-out. Even though fogging for mosquitoes is a common thing in Bali, this scene at the main gate to the palace is not something you see every day. Here, we have a poetic confluence of the mundane, tourist hot spot, and luck to produce something rather artistic.

This photograph and consequent post is inspired by Indonesian-based photographer Chitra Ananda.

Read more on making your photography stand-out by being different.

See more artistic street photography on our dedicated gallery here.


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Inspired to Get Back Into Photography

Loved the tour, it has inspired me to get back into photography. I learnt a lot and got some great shots. Looking forward to going again next time I’m in Bali.

Bali Street Photographer tour with Lauren

~Lauren from Australia

I’m inspired by your kind words, Lauren! I can’t wait to see some of your photos from the tour.

Bali Street Photographer - Mark L Chaves
News Photography

Priceless Smiles, Details, Bali Dogs, & Mad Photography Skills – Photos by Guest Photographer Simon Gray

October 2018 officially Marked the first anniversary of Bali Street Photographer

Having guest photographer Simon and his daughter Aurora join me in October was a perfect way to celebrate the first full year of the Pasar Ubud Street Photography tour! And, there’s more. The icing on the cake is that Simon recently opened a solo exhibit (24 November) in his home town of Perth. His exhibit featured many of his incredible photographs from the Pasar Ubud tour. Simon is even donating some of the proceeds to our donation partners!

Simon’s Gallery posted on Bali Street Photographer

Recently, Simon generously shared many of his images. I am now honoured to host some of his beautiful work on this site for your viewing pleasure.

See Simon’s Bali Street Photographer gallery here.

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Photography Testimonial

One of the best experiences during my Bali holiday

It was a great class and one of the best experiences during my Bali holiday. Mark was a caring guide and you could feel that he loves to share his knowledge and passion. With his guidance it was possible to experience the “true” Ubud. His attitude and the way how he talks with people is inspiring. I can highly recommend the tour with Mark.

~Florian from Germany

Terima kasih banyak, Florian. I was thrilled to share the pasar with you–a fellow keen adventurer and passionate photographer. Lovely meeting you. I hope to see you in Germany some day! 🙂

Please visit Florian on Instagram.

Read more testimonials here.

Bali Street Photographer - Mark L Chaves