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An Instagram Moment on Jalan Goutama – Where to go in Ubud

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More photos, links, and updates on My Favourite Hangouts in Ubud, Bali.

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Ubud Palace – When Smoke Gets in your Eyes

Beauty in the Mundane

During all the years I’ve lived in Ubud, I’ve never seen the Ubud Palace being completely smoked-out. In this case, fogged-out. Even though fogging for mosquitoes is a common thing in Bali, this scene at the main gate to the palace is not something you see every day. Here, we have a poetic confluence of the mundane, tourist hot spot, and luck to produce something rather artistic.

This photograph and consequent post is inspired by Indonesian-based photographer Chitra Ananda.

Read more on making your photography stand-out by being different.

See more artistic street photography on our dedicated gallery here.


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Inspired to Get Back Into Photography

Loved the tour, it has inspired me to get back into photography. I learnt a lot and got some great shots. Looking forward to going again next time I’m in Bali.

Bali Street Photographer tour with Lauren

~Lauren from Australia

I’m inspired by your kind words, Lauren! I can’t wait to see some of your photos from the tour.

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Time Stands Still — Daily Offerings at Pasar Ubud

It’s as if time has stood still during the early mornings at the pasar.

During the Pasar Ubud photo tours, I discipline myself to give priority and my attention to the photographers I’m guiding through the crowded and grungy labyrinths. But, on occasion, I get a moment to myself to capture a priceless moment.

The full resolution image for this feature photo can be downloaded on Unsplash.

See the full gallery of Balinese Offerings (canang) here.

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Pasar Ubud is a Mood

There’s a saying, “Ubud is a Mood”. If Ubud is a mood, then Pasar Ubud is where all the moods originate.

The typical day at the Pasar starts between 3:30-4:00 am every morning. Pasar Ubud is where everyday life kicks-off. Thus, setting the mood for the day.

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Priceless Smiles, Details, Bali Dogs, & Mad Photography Skills – Photos by Guest Photographer Simon Gray

October 2018 officially Marked the first anniversary of Bali Street Photographer

Having guest photographer Simon and his daughter Aurora join me in October was a perfect way to celebrate the first full year of the Pasar Ubud Street Photography tour! And, there’s more. The icing on the cake is that Simon recently opened a solo exhibit (24 November) in his home town of Perth. His exhibit featured many of his incredible photographs from the Pasar Ubud tour. Simon is even donating some of the proceeds to our donation partners!

Simon’s Gallery posted on Bali Street Photographer

Recently, Simon generously shared many of his images. I am now honoured to host some of his beautiful work on this site for your viewing pleasure.

See Simon’s Bali Street Photographer gallery here.

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Everyday Bali Jalan Jalan

“Where are you going?” or “Mau kemana?” in Bali is equivalent to “Hey, what’s up?” And, the common local reply is, “Jalan jalan!”. This roughly means going around without any pre determined destination.

Jalan jalan might not seem useful at first glance. But, give it a try the next time a driver asks you if you want transport when you don’t need a ride.

See the full Jalan Jalan gallery here.

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Balancing Baskets – Photo Series by Guest Photographer Syahravi

Making art out of the Every Day Occurrence

When you go to the pasar, baskets balancing on people’s heads is a common sight. Syahravi, a young photographer from Jakarta, masterfully transformed this seemingly mundane occurrence into poetry in motion.

All photos above are by Syahravi from the Pasar Ubud Tour with Bali Street Photographer. Thank you for your keen eye and steady concentration, Syahravi. Please see more of Syahravi’s photography on Instagram.

Syahravi - Photographer from Jakarta on the Psar Ubud Street Photography Tour by mark l chaves
Syahravi – Photographer from Jakarta on the Pasar Ubud Street Photography Tour by mark l chaves
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Meals on Wheels – New Addition


This photo was made about 8 am. This is about the time most vendors get ready to go home. I call this the transition time in the pasar. See the full Meals (and other things) on Wheels gallery.

Spotted while with street photographer Brian Osborne from Cyprus. Scope out Brian’s IG gallery.

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Editorial News

Hope for A Bali Dog Rescue

Update: As of 30 August 2018, my wife & I adopted little Hopey.

Sweet Petit, Curly-Q, Cantik Banget. These are some of the nicknames I have for Hope. Hope, is a rescue babe in Ubud, Bali and she needs a forever family & home.

Hope - A dog rescued by Mission Pawsible Dog Rescue, Adoption, and Rehome in Bali
Hope – waiting for a forever family and home about a couple weeks after being rescued.

When I’m not doing a photo tour around Pasar Ubud or exploring the streets with camera in tow, I’m helping Mission Pawsible Dog Rescue, Adoption, & Rehome. I help Mission Pawsible (one of our tour donation partners) when they need fostering or photographs. Making before-and-after photos of rescued dogs is my all-time favourite assignment.  I’m honoured every time Mission Pawsible calls on me. It’s my humble way of giving back.

And, did I mention that these photo gigs give my wife and I an opportunity to foster beautiful creatures such as Hope when we can.

Miracle transformations (rescue, recovery, & fostering)

Let me tell you, witnessing the transformation of these special dogs from being tossed out and rejected to being rescued and loved can’t be described in words. These rescue stories are nothing short of a miracle.

Hope’s before and after photos

Hope Before & After Diptych - Mission Paws'ible and Bali Street Photographer
Left: Hope when she was found. Right: Hope today!


The things about Hope that tug on my heart strings are:

  1. Playful – She loves to play with humans and all dogs (a huge plus). Her playful energy is contagious–fair warning that you’ll find yourself playing more than you do now if you adopt this babe 😉.
  2. Agile – Hope is incredibly fast and agile, despite how her eyes look. She has visible ulcers on her corneas which are being treated with eye drops and they don’t impact her sight. She’ll run laps around the house inside and out at top speed never missing a step.
  3. Affectionate – At first, Hope was uncomfortable about being picked up. Now she’ll cuddle and melt in your lap (and on your pillow too).


If you are in Bali and you are a “hopeless” dog lover, please consider giving Hope a forever home. Here’s a link to Hope’s details on Mission Pawsible’s Facebook page.

If adopting Hope isn’t feasible for you, but you want to help, please think about donating your time or money to Mission Pawsible. I promise to give you the best photo tour of Ubud, if you do.

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