To See Rather Than Look

One of the Bali Street Photographer’s core values is to see rather than look.

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More Canang (Offerings) Photos Posted

New Additions to the Canang Gallery

Visit the full gallery. Special thanks to Kathryn Presner’s contribution to the gallery.

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Guest Photographer Kathryn from Canada

The Photography & Techie Connection

One of the things I love about my passion project, Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tours, is meeting people from everywhere. Recently, things got even more interesting. At least three participants have two things in common with me. They come from high tech backgrounds and they love photography. I’m wondering now. Could this be a coincidence? Or, is there some connection between being a techie and loving photography?

Is it because techies are also creators? And, techies like gadgets? What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

Short Hiatus

First, let me apologise. This is a late post. I took some time-off from the tours in September-October to focus on a couple projects. Now it’s mid-November, and I’m still trying to catch up on sharing new posts.

Happiness Engineering

Photo ©️ Kathryn Presner on the Bali Street Photorapher Tour in Pasar Ubud
Happiness Engineering at Pasar Ubud
Photo ©️ Kathryn Presner on the Bali Street Photorapher Tour in Pasar Ubud

Speaking of hiatuses. In August, I was thrilled to meet Kathryn from Canada. Kathryn was in Bali for part of her sabbatical from being a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, Inc. Automattic is the parent company of is where is hosted.

I have a confession. Saying that I’m honoured to guide a Happiness Engineer from Automattic is an understatement!

Thanks for joining the tour, Kathryn!

Learn more and check the full gallery on Kathryn’s site. Not to be missed.

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The Bemo – Bali’s Shared Public Bus

The Philippines as its Jeepney. Thailand has its Songthaew. Jakarta has its Angkot. Bali has its Bemo.

Taking a Bemo ride an adventure in itself. Photographing a Bemo can lead to interesting and unique compositions. Here’s a small collection of examples.

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Street Scenes From Galungan/Kuningan 2019

Random photographs of my wanderings around Ubud during Bali’s most holiest time of the year.

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New Look for Bali Street Photographer .com!

Break out the Universal Donuts! It’s Party time! was originally launched in July 2017. Gosh how time flies. I’m happy to announce two major design changes that should make finding info on the site easier!

New Grid Layout for the News Blog Page on Bali Street Photographer

1. Grid View for the News/Blog Page

If you viewed the news blog on a large display before this update, you’d have seen one long slab of sequential posts. This page now displays feature images and text snippets in a three column grid. Making it easier to browse multiple teasers at a glance. And, it’s what all the hip kids are doing.

A big shout out to Chris Knowles and his article on WPMU DEV where I learned how to implement the new grid using custom CSS. This grid is exactly what the News page needed like forever.

What to do in Ubud - New Dedicated Page on Bali Street Photographer

2. Dedicated What to do in Ubud Page

Ah, I finally made some time (3-days!) to break-up the original monolithic Favourite Ubud Hangouts post. This is one of the most viewed posts on the site. It needed some up-to-date TLC badly. It still needs some fresh photos. I’m working on it lol.

Each section now has it’s own dedicated page. And, I’m about 50% done giving each hangout its own page too. Keeping up with websites and keeping up with the ever changing Ubud scene will always be (fun) works in progress.

Special thanks to Kathryn Presner at Automattic for motivating me to finally make this change. And, much love to the folks at AudioTheme who make the Ovation theme that powers this site–rock on guys!

Let me know what you think about the changes. Leave me a comment.

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Photography Sightseeing

Guest Photographer Paul from Australia

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to the Bali Street Photographer galleries. Please have a look at Paul Eveleigh’s wonderful photograph contributions.

I especially love the composition work in these three lovely images.

See the rest on Paul’s dedicated gallery.

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Baby Dog – Latest Addition to the I Love Bali Dogs Gallery

Born to be Wild

We call him Baby Dog. Baby Dog is a Bali Street Dog who refuses to be taken in. Meaning he loves his freedom so much that he will probably never be “domesticated”.

We’re Owned by Him 😉

We’ve been watching over him ever since his mother passed last year. We called her Mommy Dog. Baby Dog now lives in our front yard because of a new construction project at his original home. We’re happy he chose to be closer to us. We love him. And, he’s grown fond of us.

See his photo and more images of Bali’s beloved street dogs in the I Love Bali Dogs photo gallery.

Bali dog on Galungan Day May 2018 - Bali Street Photographer
“Mommy Dog” – Bali Street Dog on Galungan Day May 2018.

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News Photography

On the Road in East Java

Feature photo from the archives. On the road in East Java.

Cultural Diversity

A short ferry boat ride across the Bali Strait from the port town of Gilimanuk, Bali lies the seaside town of Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi is located on the eastern tip of Java. It’s here where island of 1,000 temples gives way to a land graced by mosque architecture. And, the gamelan turns into melodic calls to prayer over the loudspeakers.

This crossing is a vivid reminder of how culturally diverse Indonesia is.

There will be no Pasar Ubud photo tours from 4 June to 10 June to honour Idul Fitri. Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri.

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Guest Photographer Sid Kannegnati from India

While cameras were always familiar to me, it was my introduction to Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliot Erwitt’s photography that proved life changing. ~Sid Kannegnati

After some scheduling challenges and dodging the remains of a long rainy season, Sid & I finally met. Thanks for joining the tour and creating some wonderful street photography, Sid!

Please read more about Sid’s inspiration and view more of his incredible photos here!

Follow Sid on Instagram here.

Guest Bali Street Photographer Sid from India by mark l chaves
Feature image & this portrait of Sid by mark l chaves

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