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New Gallery Addition to Ceremony Photos with a Twist

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To See Rather Than Look

One of the values of Bali Street Photographer is

To See Rather Than Look

This post is inspired by Streets of Nuremberg’s post called Wise Words of Photography.

Read more about Bali Street Photographer’s values here.

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Seeing Red in Pasar Ubud – Featured by Don’t Take Pictures

Bali Street Photographer Photos Featured

on Don’t Take Pictures’ Seeing Red Gallery

Late last year/early this year (2018/2019), three photographs from Bali Street Photographer were exhibited by Don’t Take Pictures. I’ve been following Don’t Take Pictures for years. So, being featured in one of their exhibits is a huge honour. Especially since the team over there is held in high esteem and continually curates impeccable photography work in print and digital media.

Why Don’t Take Pictures?

Don’t Take Pictures’ philosophy compliments Bali Street Photographer’s mission. The name itself is provocative and oxymoronic at the same time (given the context). So, what’s the meaning behind Don’t Take Pictures?

The title, Don’t Take Pictures, references the language of modern photography. Over the years, the term “taking pictures” has begun to be replaced with “making photographs.” The change signifies a distinction between the widespread use of cameras in the modern world and the more systematic, thoughtful process of creating photographic art. At Don’t Take Pictures, we strive to celebrate the creativity involved with the making of photographs.  ~Don’t Take Pictures

Here’s Bali Street Photographer’s mission statement (from the About page).

To see rather than look. To create rather than take. To explore rather than visit. To connect rather than separate. ~Bali Street Photographer

The Featured Photos

These are the three photographs that were in the exhibit. All made by Bali Street Photographer.

Please visit the Seeing Red online gallery and learn more about Don’t Take Pictures.

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SUVs are Overrated – Taking the Market Stall Back Home

Think about this photo next time you catch youself saying you need a bigger vehicle.

See what else is being hauled around on two wheels throughout the Indonesia archipelago here.

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An Instagram Moment on Jalan Goutama – Where to go in Ubud

New updates

More photos, links, and updates on My Favourite Hangouts in Ubud, Bali.

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When Stuck in Traffic Make Photographs

Opportunistic Street Photography

Today, after running some morning errands. I was stuck in the middle of a huge traffic jam in the centre of Ubud. That usually means one thing–upacara. In other words, there was a Balinese Hindu Religious procession in progress.

Rather than waiting in the hot sun inhaling exhaust from dozens of idling vehicles, I pulled over. I took out my camera and began walking towards the Ubud Palace. I wasn’t disappointed. I stumbled upon an elaborate & beautiful Ngaben procession in progress.

Street Photography Tips

It’s experiences like these that have taught me some valuable street photography skills. Besides having a camera with a clean lens, charged battery, & spare memory card, these soft skills can make or break the decisive moments.

  1. Patience.
  2. Nose for action.
  3. Sense of adventure.
  4. Open to sponteneity.

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Photography Testimonial

One of the best experiences during my Bali holiday

It was a great class and one of the best experiences during my Bali holiday. Mark was a caring guide and you could feel that he loves to share his knowledge and passion. With his guidance it was possible to experience the “true” Ubud. His attitude and the way how he talks with people is inspiring. I can highly recommend the tour with Mark.

~Florian from Germany

Terima kasih banyak, Florian. I was thrilled to share the pasar with you–a fellow keen adventurer and passionate photographer. Lovely meeting you. I hope to see you in Germany some day! 🙂

Please visit Florian on Instagram.

Read more testimonials here.

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Photography Testimonial

This Felt More Like a Master Class

Let me start by saying that in the 20 years I’ve carried a camera, the shots I got on Mark’s tour of the Pasar Ubud are some of my favorites. Spending time with Mark as he took us through the crowded walkways and nuanced work lives of the market’s many merchants was a rare treat. While the tour is a reasonable description, this felt more like a master class with Mark sharing his valuable insights, directing us through his process and sharing his deep empathy for the people whose lives we were capturing. I’m a better photographer for the experience and my daughter, Aurora, as a new photographer, feels she now has a better eye and is ready to hang up her iPhone for a 35mm film camera! 🙂

I’d highly recommend Mark, his work and this tour to anyone with a love of photography and a calling to capture life as it happens.

Aurora & Simon visiting from Australia - Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud
Aurora & Simon visiting from Australia–Pasar Ubud October 2018

~Simon & Aurora Gray

I’m totally blulshing after reading your deep and hearfelt words, Simon & Aurora! The honour was all mine. I feel blessed that we had the opportunity to share our love of photography. I look forward to seeing your photos from the tour! 🙏🏽

Please follow Simon & Aurora on Instagram. Please visit Simon’s website here.

Scope out more testimonials here.

Bali Street Photographer - Mark L Chaves
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Ubud Street Style — Standing Out in the Crowd

Another way to make your street photography stand out is to photograph people that stand out. Today, I took a short break at my fave crepes spot (Confiture de Bali) in Ubud. This stylish young woman (pictured above) pulled up in front of where I was sitting.

If you want some tips on what to do right in Ubud, scope out my list of hangouts.

See these articles for inspiration on making your street photography different from the rest.


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Sittin’ on the “dock” of the Pasar – Best time to photograph a Bali Dog

“Two thousand miles I roam. Just to make this dock my home” ~Otis Redding

The Bali Dogs of the pasar seem to follow a schedule. When the pasar is in full swing early in the morning, they are scattered and roaming around individually. Towards 7:30-8:00 am, they beging to form in groups and forage together or wait for vendors to throw scraps their way. Generally, this is the best time to photograph a Bali Dog in Pasar Ubud.


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