Priceless Smiles, Details, Bali Dogs, & Mad Photography Skills – Photos by Guest Photographer Simon Gray

Bali Street Photographer Pasar Ubud Tour ©️ Studio Gray

October 2018 officially Marked the first anniversary of Bali Street Photographer

Having guest photographer Simon and his daughter Aurora join me in October was a perfect way to celebrate the first full year of the Pasar Ubud Street Photography tour! And, there’s more. The icing on the cake is that Simon recently opened a solo exhibit (24 November) in his home town of Perth. His exhibit featured many of his incredible photographs from the Pasar Ubud tour. Simon is even donating some of the proceeds to our donation partners!

Simon’s Gallery posted on Bali Street Photographer

Recently, Simon generously shared many of his images. I am now honoured to host some of his beautiful work on this site for your viewing pleasure.

See Simon’s Bali Street Photographer gallery here.

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Transition Time – Pasar Ubud

Transition time - Pasar Ubud - Bali Street Photographer Tours

Ubud is a Mood

During the day, there are three distinct moods at the pasar. The early morning is the timeless period. Bali’s unadulterated essence is revealed from 4-8 am. The tourist aimed facades are non-existent. From 8-10 am is transition time. After 10 am belongs to the colourful tourist realm.

If you are in Ubud for a few days, I recommend experiencing all three phases of the pasar.

Chasing Harsh Light

The photos above is an example of transition time. The local morning shoppers are gone. The canang and produce vendors slowly give way to the oleh-oleh sellers. The light becomes more harsh. The colours begin to fill-in and show off their vibrancy. And, the shadows plays tug-of-war with rays of sunlight.

Transition time might sound boring at first. But, it’s anything but boring for a street photographer.

#chasingharshlight #chasingharshdarkness

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Finding Empathy & Compassion in Ubud Bali

Bali Dogs of the Pasar by Bali Street Photographer

The Loyalty of Bali Dogs

This market vendor is accompanied by her Bali Dog. Bali Dogs are recognised as one of the oldest canine breeds. They are proven to be fiercly loyal once their trust is earned. Many Bali Dogs aren’t as loved as this one. So, seeing compassion such as this gives me hope.

Helping Bali Street dogs

Bali Street Photographer tours collaborates with Mission Paws’ible. Mission Paws’ible’s vision is to engage compassion within our human race, creating compassionate, loving and kindness that will resonate to create happy pets with safe homes.

Stay tuned

I’m developing a photo essay devoted to the Bali Dogs of the Pasar. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, see more Bali Dog photos here.


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Sittin’ on the “dock” of the Pasar – Best time to photograph a Bali Dog

Bali Dogs of the Pasar by Bali Street Photographer

“Two thousand miles I roam. Just to make this dock my home” ~Otis Redding

The Bali Dogs of the pasar seem to follow a schedule. When the pasar is in full swing early in the morning, they are scattered and roaming around individually. Towards 7:30-8:00 am, they beging to form in groups and forage together or wait for vendors to throw scraps their way. Generally, this is the best time to photograph a Bali Dog in Pasar Ubud.


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Priests & Priestesses 1

Priests & Priestesses 1 - Bali Street Photographer Ubud Bali

Upacara Agama (Balinese Religious Ceremony)

Balinese ceremonies (Upacara) in some shape or form are held every day on the Island of the Gods. Major ceremonies like the one these men are going to occur almost every week. You are guaranteed to see an upacara if you stay for a few days in Bali.

This is the first photo in a new series that will feature less mainstream (maybe slightly quirky) images of Balinese ceremonies.

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Balancing Baskets – Photo Series by Guest Photographer Syahravi

Woman with basket ©️ Syahravi - Pasar Ubud Bali Street Photographer Tour

Making art out of the Every Day Occurrence

When you go to the pasar, baskets balancing on people’s heads is a common sight. Syahravi, a young photographer from Jakarta, masterfully transformed this seemingly mundane occurrence into poetry in motion.

All photos above are by Syahravi from the Pasar Ubud Tour with Bali Street Photographer. Thank you for your keen eye and steady concentration, Syahravi. Please see more of Syahravi’s photography on Instagram.

Syahravi - Photographer from Jakarta on the Psar Ubud Street Photography Tour by mark l chaves
Syahravi – Photographer from Jakarta on the Pasar Ubud Street Photography Tour by mark l chaves