Eating (7)

Below, I’ve featured three of my fave eating establishments in Ubud. A couple of spots I’ve loved and thought they would be around forever have closed (sadly). So, I’m updating this everchanging list yet again as of 21 July 2019.

This is a list of places that were in my original post. I need to get some better photos, so I can create dedicated pages for them. Stay tuned.

  • Bali Buda. An Ubud institution frequented by kombucha loving yogis. They have a mini grocery store that always gets me excited when I go. Bali Buda is located near the main post office and next to Ganesa Bookstore on Jalan Raya.
  • Taco Casa. Ubud’s healthy response to Tex-Mex food. Taco Casa is located in the Pengoseken area of Ubud. Their humungous new building should be opening soon as of 21 July 2019.
  • Kakiang Bakery in Pengoseken near the original entrance to the Yoga Barn. Some of the best prices for quality baked goods (yummy donuts) and gelato you will see in town. One of the few places open during the big Balinese holidays like Galungan Day.
  • Watercress and Milk & Madu. Both restaurants have made a good name for themselves in Bali’s glam south coast. Now us Ubudians can enjoy their upscale (and pricing) food and beverages. They serve Revolver Esspresso, which is one of the main reasons I go. But, they serve it under their own name brand (not Revolver’s).