Threads of Life Gallery

The Threads of Life has been on my places-to-shop list forever (well, since 2011). When you step into the gallery you enter a temple devoted to traditional Indonesian textiles.

Since 1998, Threads of Life have been working tirelessly to preserve Indonesia’s textile heritage.

The Threads of Life Gallery in Ubud, Bali, sells high-value heirloom-quality textiles and baskets made to an exquisite standard usually only seen in museums. Each piece is made with local materials and natural dyes and is bought, following fair trade principles, directly from over 1000 weavers on 12 islands across Indonesia. ~Threads of Life website

Located at the far north end of Jalan Kajeng, I considered the gallery to be off the beaten path. The store accessible by car, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s really no place to turn a car around or a decent place to park it without blocking traffic. Besides, a nice leisurely stroll or casual scooter ride on the quaint Jalan Kajeng is enjoyable.

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