Pasar Ubud*

Pasar Ubud* before 7 AM

Ubud’s Traditional Market (Seeing Bali as if Time Stood Still)

I can’t think of a better place to experience Balinese culture than the pasar (traditional market). But, you must get to the market early especially for Pasar Ubud. At Pasar Ubud, I’ve seen vendors in full-force as early as 4 am in the morning. By 7 AM, the traditional market sellers are getting ready to “pulang” (go home). By 8 AM, all the fruit, spices, kue (Balinese pastry), & banten (Balinese temple offerings) vanish giving way to a sea of oleh oleh (tourist souvenirs).

After 10 AM, Pasar Ubud has a complete different vibe. It’s worth it to experience both the early morning and mid-day moods of Ubud’s traditional market. Be sure you have your bargaining skills with you when you go.

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